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  • Library Databases: Study Room Policy

    Group Study Rooms are available for currently enrolled students at LAC and PCC libraries

    • Authorized use of a study room requires a reservation for a group containing at least two people.
    • Study rooms are not intended for individual use, however if a study room is empty and unreserved an individual may use it.

    Reserve a Group Study Room

    • LBCC students can reserve a group study room via the online reservation system for 30-minute increments.
    • The online reservation system will not allow a group study room to be reserved for more than 4 hours per day by the same group.
    • Group study room reservations can be made up to 4 weeks in advance.
    • Group study rooms are self-service – simply walk to your study room at your reserved time with your e-mail confirmation and leave when your reservation is over.
    • Group study rooms cannot be reserved for the last hour before the library closes and should be vacated 15 minutes before the library closes

    RESERVATIONS HAVE PRIORITY. If you are using a room and do not have a valid reservation, you must leave when
    asked by a group that has a valid reservation. An individual using a study room will be asked to vacate the room for
    a group.


    1. Group with reservation has priority
    2. Group without reservation
    3. Individual

    Use of Rooms

    • Club meetings, interviews, office hours, or non-academic group activities are not permitted. For more information on club meeting locations visit
    • The student that reserves the room will be held accountable for misconduct if guidelines are not followed.
    • Each room is equipped with a table, chairs, network connection, and a flat-screen display.
    • Whiteboard markers and portable whiteboards are available upon request at the Reference Desk.
    • Drinks and food are allowed in the group study rooms.
    • Please clean up after yourself.
    • Use the trashcans provided in the study room and around the library to dispose of trash.
    • Doors to the group study rooms should be closed and unlocked when in use.
    • Lights must be left on in study rooms.
    • Group study room windows should not be obstructed from outside views by library staff.
    • Please adhere to the maximum capacity limit of individual group study rooms.
    • Sound travels, even with the door closed – respect those studying around you by keeping the volume at a reasonable level.
    • Personal belongings left unattended will be removed and placed at the Circulation Desk in the Library Lost & Found. Unclaimed items will then be sent to the Campus Lost & Found located in the E building at the LAC campus or the AA building at the PCC campus.
    • Study rooms will close 15 minutes before the library closes.

    Need Help? For immediate assistance contact the Reference Desk by phone, LAC: 562-938-4232, PCC 562-938-3028, or
    by librarian chat. For questions or concerns, please contact Allison Burch, Public Services Librarian