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Sociology: Getting Started

Links, and Web sites to help you find resources in sociology.

Welcome to the Sociology LibGuide


This research guide pulls together a variety of resources you may want to use if you are conducting research on Sociology.

Want to know where to start your research? Click on the above tabs to find lists of books, journal titles and recommended databases, and recommended reliable websites.

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Good luck in your research.

Overview of Sociology

Sociology is the scientific study of society, social groups, social change, and the influences of human behavior in a social context. Sociology tends to focus on industrialized societies, human behavior in groups, how groups form, how they are organized, how they interact and how they change. 

The discipline was founded by writings of John Locke and other thinking men as far back as the seventeenth century and continuing with the works of Karl Marx, Emile Durkheim, Max Weber, George Herbert Mead, W.E.B Dubois and others. For more information on founding sociologists see The Dead Sociologist's Index. 

A good place to start a paper is to read a little general literature about the topic (encyclopedia, internet article) and look up basic terms that are unfamiliar to you. Dictionaries or encyclopedias can be found in the reference area of the library which specifically deal with the areas of sociology and sociological research.

Keyword Suggestions

Suggested Keywords to use in your search(es):

  • Social change
  • Social classes
  • Social conflict
  • Social contract
  • Social equality 
  • Social interaction
  • Social isolation
  • Social movements
  • Social perception
  • Social status
  • Social stratification
  • Social structure
  • Social systems
  • Socialization


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