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Psychology 1: Getting Started

This guide was created to support Professor Norman's Psychology 1 course and library orientation session

Welcome to the Psychology 1 Libguide


This research guide pulls together a variety of resources you may want to use if you are conducting research for Psychology 1.

Want to know where to start your research? Click on the above tabs to find lists of books, journal titles and recommended databases, electronic sources and recommended reliable websites.

Have questions? Feel free to comment or ask questions about this research guide by clicking above on the PAGE COMMENTS link. Feel free to contact a librarian anytime you need assistance.

Good luck in your research.

Overview of Psychology

According to the American Psychological Association,

Psychology is a diverse discipline, grounded in science, but with nearly boundless applications in everyday life.  Some psychologists do basic research, developing theories and testing them through carefully honed research methods involving observation, experimentation and analysis. Other psychologists apply the discipline’s scientific knowledge to help people, organizations and communities function better.

As psychological research yields new information, whether it’s improved interventions to treat depression or how humans interact with machines, these findings become part of the discipline’s body of knowledge and are applied in work with patients and clients, in schools, in corporate settings, within the judicial system, even in professional sports.

Psychology is a doctoral-level profession. Psychologists study both normal and abnormal functioning and treat patients with mental and emotional problems. They also study and encourage behaviors that build wellness and emotional resilience. Today, as the link between mind and body is well-recognized, more and more psychologists are teaming with other healthcare providers to provide whole-person healthcare for patients (APA, 2012).

Keyword Suggestions

Suggested keywords to use in your searches in the library catalog, electronic databses, and online resources.  The topics below are general topics that may be directly or indirectly related to the field of psychology.  You may want to type in "psychology" + "one of the topics below" when you search the catalogs and databases.

  • Psychology + "one of the topics below"

Note: Topics list adpated from APA's Topics (2017).


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