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StudyGuides - Colin Williams

Digital, Instructional, & Information Technology Librarian at Long Beach City College


About LBCC's Library Services
by Karen Vogel, Colin Williams - Last Updated Aug 19, 2015
Use this guide to learn about specific library services like Information Competency, Textbooks on Reserve, the Library Technician Program, Orientations, Workshops, and more!
by Colin Williams - Last Updated Apr 21, 2017
Learn different citation formats, rules, and shortcuts.
Tags: apa, citation, cite, colin, lbcc, mla, site, williams, works sited
Family & Migration Histories
by Colin Williams - Last Updated Nov 6, 2014
Learn library's website and databases to research your family history of migration. Key ideas include push-pull factors in different countries, print & electronic resources, and searching for possible historical motivations to migrate.
Tags: colin, emigration, family history, immigration, larios, migration, sociology 13, sociology of latinos, williams, world data
Finding Books
by Karen Vogel, Colin Williams - Last Updated Jul 30, 2015
This will help you find books at the Long Beach City College Libraries.
LIB1 Course Guide - on-campus classes
by Gabriel Beeler, David Goto, Colin Williams - Last Updated Nov 30, 2016
A Course Guide for LIB1 in-person
Tags: lib1 course guide, library, library 1, on-campus classes
Research Topic Ideas
by Karen Vogel, Colin Williams - Last Updated Aug 12, 2014
Need help in picking a research topic? Here are a few ideas..
Tags: research, research_paper, research_topic, topic, writing