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Empirical articles: Getting Started

A guide for discussion of empirical articles.

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Definition of the word "empirical"

 American Heritage Dictionary has the following definition for the word: "empirical:

  1. Relying on or derived from observation or experimentation
  2. Verifiable or provable by means of observation or experiment
  3. Guided by practical experience and not theory, especially in medicine

Experts in any field of endeavor constantly engage in empirical research and they publish their work online or in printed form to share their ideas and discoveries with the world . As students we learn from these experts vicariously by accessing resources whereever they publish their works. We often refer to these materials as empirical articles or documents.



Where do we find empirical articles?

 These are the common resources where we can find empirical articles:

  •  Scholarly Books and Journals- completed works of researchers and scientists are often published in peer-reviewed materials. Published reports form well known organizations or institutions may publish their scientific findings and may come in the form of books. 
  • Internet - because of the advancement in science and technology, studies or results of scientific research that are normally published in journals or books would have been shared in the Internet. Blogs, twitter, social media accounts would have traces of shared information about subjects of empirical studies. However, as wise Internet users, we should be very skeptical of what we find in the Internet as there are many false claims and frauds online. 
  • Popular Magazines & Newspapers [ like Time,Peoples magazine, Newsweek, etc...] and newspapers will not contain empirical research articles.  They may have some news about scientific findings but not the reports or articles with description of methodologies and conclusions as empirical articles should have. 


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    • If you are unable to proceed through your research, try the LBCC Library Ask a Librarian Service, or contact a Librarian via email, phone or by visiting the library's Reference Desk.