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Anthropology: Getting Started

information, search suggestions, tips, and links to help you find resources in Anthropology.

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This research guide pulls together a variety of resources you may want to use if you are conducting research on Anthropology.

Want to know where to start your research? Click on the above tabs to find lists of books, journal titles and recommended databases, primary sources and recommended reliable websites.

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Overview of Anthropology

Anthropology is the study of humans, past and present. To understand the full sweep and complexity of cultures across all of human history, Anthropology draws upon knowledge from the social and biological sciences as well as the humanities and physical sciences. Historically, in the US, anthropologists usually have been trained in one of four areas, socio-cultural anthropology, biological/physical anthropology, archaeology, and linguistics. Often, however, anthropologists integrate the perspectives of several of these areas into their work. (American Anthropoligical Association, 2017).

Keyword Suggestions

Suggested keywords to use in your searches:

  • Anthropology

  • Ethnic barriers

  • Ethnic groups

  • Ethnology

  • Ethnomusicology

  • Feminist Anthropology

  • Folklore

  • Forensic anthropology

  • Fossil Hominids

  • Fossil Primates

  • Historical sociology

  • Indigenous peoples

  • Industries, Primitive

  • Manners and customs

  • Maritime anthropology

  • Physical anthropology

  • Political anthropology

  • Racism in anthropology

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