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Guide for Lib202: Home

This guide will help students work on their first portfolio.

Getting Started

Hello, thank you for your visit. To make this visit fruitful, you need to become familiar with this guide. To start, let us take a good look at this screen. From left to right you may notice that there are 3 frames across, and each frame discusses a different subject. Please do not fail to scroll down as you read each frame.

Now, let us look at the top of the screen. The top portion are parts of your browser like the address bar and the menu bars. As you go down you will find the Internet part, which tells you that you are at Long Beach City College Library site you can see the name of the college across the screen .  Below this is the web page where this guide is. Notice that the top of this page has tabs. If you click each tab you will learn more about the resources and study aides you can use for your assignment. Please visit each tab if you wish to get more information.   


Hello and welcome to Library202 Library Guide. The aim of this guide is to help you with your class work, specifically your projects and assignments. This guide pulls together a variety of resources that we feel you can use to accomplish the requirements of the course. You may also find that many of what is presented here are duplicates of what you can find in the course Module. This indicates their value to the course, something you can use as a valuable future library workers.

If you are ready to start, you may use the tabs on top as your navigational buttons.

Good luck in your research.

Library Terms

There are a number of terms one has to be familiar with in order to perform basic library tasks. Here are some commonly-used library terms to help you decipher librarians' jargon. Please click the links below:

Library Lingo

Library Jargon
ODLIS-Online Dictionary of Library and Information Science

Subject Guide

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