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A Course Guide for LIB1 in-person



This course is an introduction to finding information using the Internet and library resources.  Within the last 10 years, there has been an explosion in the sources of information and the methods used to locate and retrieve that information.  To be successful in school, employment, and in other aspects of your life, you need the ability to effectively identify, locate, evaluate, and select information in all formats.  You must know how to use the tools and services available.  You must also know how to evaluate the information that you find.  Persons with these abilities are considered to be information literate.  This course will help you acquire and improve the basic skills necessary for information literacy.

This course provides an introduction to the organization and resources of academic libraries including online catalogs, periodical indexes, electronic resources and the Internet.   The course focuses on research strategies, selection and evaluation of reference sources, citation elements of various formats, and the preparation of bibliographies.  

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